Why Use Health Company Ratings.com

Heath Company RatingsThe health, nutrition and alternative and complementary medicine industry is one of the biggest and fastest growing industries in the world, more and more people are interested in spending quality time and money on keeping their bodies healthy, in an aid to live a better healthy lifestyle and attain longevity of life.

It is imperative that members of the public can have the confidence of working with good honest health companies, nutritional therapists and alternative practitioners alike; that are highly qualified and licensed who give professional correct advice, treatment and therapy. 

Health CompanyRatings.com was designed to give the general public a quick and easy place to go, to find out if a company or therapist is licensed, to find out what type of rating the public gives a health company or therapist and do they have the required qualifications and verified certification.

Rating a therapist with public review is the fairest way of giving an accurate assessment of how a company operates and operated by its code of ethics. Both health companies and alternative therapists gain more credibility and become more successful when they are recommended by previous clients.  Health Company Ratings allows any member of the public to rate a health and nutrition company or health practitioner based on their experience, having had treatment or supply of vitamins, minerals and supplements, they can rate a health company or therapist between 1 – 10, one being a low rating and ten being excellent, the site will only accept a unique email address and URL to prevent multiple ratings from one individual; the report will also state how many ratings a health company or complementary health therapist has received, obviously an average score of 8 over a total number of 1000 ratings is much more impressive than an average score of 10 from a total number of 5 ratings.

When a therapist or health company has been rated by an individual they are automatically emailed with an invitation to have an account on Health Company Ratings where they can upload their certificates, licenses and qualifications to be verified by Health Company Ratings which will increase their HCR Rank and overall Rating, this will dramatically increase credibility to their business.